trailer hitch won't release from ball

If there are any safety locks or pins, you’ll want to remove those as well. You need to heavily apply some spray lubricant like WD-40 or our UltraLube Biobased Spray Lubricant to help loosen the hitch ball up. The TowSmart Tri-Ball Mount provides a quick and The TowSmart Tri-Ball Mount provides a quick and easy adjustment between a 1-7/8, 2 or 2-5/16 hitch ball size without the hassle of installing a different ball mount. How do you get the silly ball to unbolt? The Jimmy Lever Trailer Hitch Tool can alleviate just that. My 2014 W hawk has the same problem. hitch won't lock onto ball Help, yesterday I tried hooking up my trailer using a Reese 66069 WD hitch. I recommend removing it if there will be prolonged times without use and frequently applying lubricant to it. Do you also have problems engaging the hitch??? end of the 'round' complete enough to go 'underneath' the ball's lower hemisphere. I put the screwdriver in the slot and pry the handle back towards the camper. Adding An RV Dishwasher: Here's How I Solved My Sp... Get A Look Inside This $50,000 Houseboat For Sale, 15 RV Makeover Ideas That Are Cheap & Easy, Powered by vBulletin® Version 3.8.8 Beta 1. I bought a big honking 1-1/2 impact socket. Our driveway is sloped up and the hitch ball pushes hard against the latch when I back in and park. Reese Towpower Towing Standard Ball Mount, 8 in. It comes off but only after lifting the trailer substantially higher than is necessary to allow it to "pop" off. One recommendation I didn't see was a "liberal" shot of WD-40. To get ball unstuck, try the other suggestions (wd-40, sledgehammer, back and forth wiggle), and if that doesn't work connect to tow vehicle a jack to push upward on the hitch. This gave me trouble as I was trying to just flip it up. Guess I tightened the bolts so tight I squeezed the tongue a bit, because the little latch underneath wouldn't release once I put the trailer on. I think I'll contact Jayco and ask these questions. What could also be happening is that the base is binding up in the hitch tube. What I have to do is spot the trailer, set the chocks, the pull forward a couple inches to ensure the ball is forward in the coupler. I have a slot in my hitch on the forward side of the locking lever. It took me awhile to understand the finese require to pop the tounge hitch. I do two things; first I grease the top of the ball before hitching, works great. I dont the wrong size ball … What is missing in the posts so far, is any idea about what might be different with the hitch system used on Jayco TT's. I want to change the position of the ball in my receivers tongue. Having the trailer pushing down on the base assembly might be what is needed to get the pin to slide out. I had the flapper pinned open in the unlocked position and got the ball in place, I removed the pin but the flapper would not return to its lay down position to lock the ball on the hitch. Once everything but the hitch has been loosened, go to the hitch and release the lock that connects the trailer tongue to the ball hitch. I was thinking lock adjustment too tight also. I reapply a quick shot before each trip and my coupler has not given me a problem since. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Like clubhouse, I make sure the ball is in the front part of the coupler and have never had an issue. Didn't seem to help. It sets down on the ball fine. • It looks like the fit is so tight front to back that the ball must be EXACTLY centred in the coupler before it will move at all. Mike It seems to jam in there. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Once removed you can just replace it with the same part number. When connecting, I find it is best if the front of the hitch ball socket is just back a hair so that the weight of the trailer on the hitch will pull the hitch forwards just a tad as it drops into place. Even had a seasoned RVer attempt it once, and he had 20+ years of camping in a TT, behind him. It can incredibly useful, but many people don’t use it properly and don’t know how to maintain it. At 110 lbs air, I cant get the nut to budge. Chock the trailer wheels. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. but it just won't let go. Try it and let me know how it works. Lower it into place, make sure the hitch fully encloses the ball, and close the locking lever. And many times if a trailer is not level can make it difficult. There was one time I put a brand new coupler on a trailer. Rise, 5,000 lb. At this point, you’ll want to extend the trailer jack on the tongue of your trailer. Brakes not working will not affect hitch latch save that if the trailer is pushing against the hitch (or pulling on it, depending on the hitch) the latch will bind.. Move the tow vehicle very very slightly (Say half an inch) forward and back with the trailer tires chocked and you should find it releases easily. This website is not affiliated with or endorsed by Jayco, Inc. or any of its affiliates. It was next to impossible to get the TT off of the TV. i’ve tried tons of wd-40 and liquid wrench. Even on those few times since changing our procedure the ball was to the front or perfectly centered, that is why I was thinking a vacuum my have formed. • Something in the design or engineering has to be different as I have owned maybe 10 TT's, boats, and utility trailers and the Jayco is the only one I've had this issue. Learn how to hook to a ball hitch trailer - watch the video. We had one that was a killer to disconnect, but these steps made it easy: 1. If it has dropped down then the wedge it pulls up on the back side of the ball is bound up. I also had a miserable time uncoupling when our TT was new and found the suggestions above worked well, especially lubricating the ball. So what is different? Finally, no more greasy mess, no more jumping up and down trying to shake it loose and no more moving your truck back and forth. Ball will not release from trailer hitch - Answered by a verified Auto Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. A good shot of lubricant on the hitch and my problem went bye-bye. If the latch appears stuck when closed you can insert a large screwdriver or something similar at the front lip (red arrow) to pry it up. The latch actually goes down to. The latch has a 'tang' or 'pawl' that goes underneath the rear of the ball. Re: Can't get hitch off the ball! Secondly, I lower the trailer as much as possible first, then unlock the ball, then raise the hitch, this helps to loosen the ball lock underneath and allows the hitch to come off. Best of all, no more bodily injury to yourself or your loved ones. Make sure the release/holding clamp mechanism is opening up enough to allow the trailer cap to drop down on the ball without getting in the way. I ended up taking it apart and having to pound in a wedge to spread the coupler so the pieces would move freely. Just need a bit of leverage. Please enable Cookies and reload the page. Expert Reply: I see you have tried the usual fixes for a coupler that won't release the hitch ball - moving the vehicle slightly to potentially release excess tension on the ball, lubrication with WD-40 and even a little brute force with the pry bar. Similar to Grumpy, we also had some paint in the coupler and getting rid of that also made a big difference. It sounds like you have broken the pin to release the hitch ball. you have to relieve the pressure on the latch. Use the spare to make all of your adjustments. I have had this trailer a month or so with no prior issues. Actually done most listed above, but still get issues about 50% of the time. I've done the WD 40 and grease. I have this same problem. The trailer hitch ball is an interesting aspect of every trailer. Follow these tips for trouble free trailering for years to come! Meaning it won't allow the coupler to move up and off of the ball. Back off the nut from underneath and it should come down but be … Release this lever, and place the hitch over the ball. It can be one thing or a combination of them. Bending that latch pin will make it so that you won't be able to easily remove that pin as it won't retract. The pin therefore won't line up either. If you have a ball on your hitch that is not removable and if you don't have a receiver hitch, go to a store and pick up an inexpensive trailer hitch ball of the same size that is on your tow vehicle. One thing I do is to crank the 3rd wheel down until the cap's front edge is resting on the ball (sufficiently enough so that it won't slide off when I continue to crank the 3rd wheel up several more inches). After I chock the trailer I let the truck roll forward just a little so the hitch ball takes the pressure off the latch it will release easily. Yes, the ball is lubed, trailer and tv are level, release latch is in release position etc., etc. The heavy-duty construction is extremely durable with a chrome plated finish that is corrosion resistant. level 2. Gee have pulled many things in past 30 years and I've never had the issues that I do with our 264BHW. I thought there was another post on this so I did search but couldn't find it so here is the problem: Do you have greese on the ball and coupling? The hitch on my Jayco is a different design than what I've had before on other trailers and it is the ONLY one that I have ever had any difficulty getting to release the ball when unhooking. While Im sure we are all waiting for the adjustable hitch manufacturers to come out with a solution to work with the multipro tailgate. the pressure on the latch has to be released. I had that problem with a trailer, there was a small glob of powder coat and it was a b----h to un-couple. Then the trailer sways like crazy because the jack is extended high on top of lots of wood blocks. But the latch is too far forward to latch into the grooves to lock into place. We have an 284BHS EAGLE and encountered the same issue. If the ball is pushing to the rear of the coupler then the coupler has a hard time fully disengaging. I also had a miserable time uncoupling when our TT was new and found the suggestions above worked well, especially lubricating the ball. Location: Where ever the boss says we're going. 2. Also check the coupler for excessive paint or powder coat. Hoping someone can help. Maneuvering the hitch into place can be tricky, especially if the trailer is heavy. now the thing is rusted stuck in there. He could not believe it. Just the leverage. Protect Your RV Battery In Winter Storage. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. It is next to impossible to do by hand. If it is still stuck then apply more lubrcant and try hitting it a few times with a rubber mallet. When starting, the screwdriver Is in the vertical position. US State License Plate Mottos Quiz: Where Are We? Cloudflare Ray ID: 60974b43ccc8fa34 It looks like the fit is so tight front to back that the ball must be EXACTLY centred in the coupler before it will move at all. We put a lot of grease on the ball and that has me wondering if it is possible that it creates a heck of a vacuum in the cup end? Sometime it is adjusted too tight. TOPSKY TS2003 Trailer Hitch Ball Mount with 2 in Hitch Ball, Fits 2 Inch Receiver and Hitch Pin, 6000lbs, Hollow Shank 4.8 out of 5 stars 343 $31.99 $ 31 . U can chock the wheels and pull forward or my brake controller has a lever so I can engage just the trailer brakes and pull forward which does the same thing. Maybe the locking mechanism is too tight. Look @ hitch release lever, after it is flipped up it then needs to drop down. The crucial thing is the latch lifts up and then must move BACK before the coupler can release the ball. Best solution I've found is a large screwdriver. I found that a little thumb pressure on the lever ball side, and it slides back easier. Lots of good suggestions that I will be trying. Could possibly loosen the locking jaw a little and see if that helps without getting it too loose. The trailer hitch will have a locking lever on its upper surface. Plus the grease is still there so I don't have any squeak. It may not be an ideal solution but you could put the head back on the hitch and connect back to a trailer and see if that allows the pin to release. The TowSmart Hitch Ball is a key component The TowSmart Hitch Ball is a key component to create a secure connection between your vehicle and trailer when towing your valuable assets. Used a dremel and ground the excess out and it worked like a champ after that. Whenever I see a thread about this I wonder if the ball is back in coupler. Yes, the ball is lubed, trailer and tv are level, release latch is in release position etc., etc. It was 3/4 drive, and so I needed an adaptor for my 1/2 drive air impact wrench. Bassdogs, that is exactly my question. I decided to try and find something that was already around that would work. Copyright 2002-2016 Social Knowledge, LLC All Rights Reserved. Watch the ball mount where it goes into the receiver. Tip: When hitching or disconnecting, be sure there isn't any backwards pressure on the hitch.

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