can you sit a tv on a mantle

So, you can have multiple rooms using the same cable/satellite channel. Yes! We feel this may shorten the lifespan of the TV and, if there was an accidental overfire of the stove, we feel there is a possibility the TV could melt. Mounting a TV on brick fireplaces: Puls installed this Hitachi HDTV above a customer's fireplace. If by chance you’re thinking about mounting a tv above your gas fireplace, Samsung says have no worries: In the hands of a custom tv mounting specialist, these false myths hold no merit. The Voorhees Design Center. My TV is going over my fireplace (yes, I know some of you HATE their TV higher than eye-level, but it doesn't bother me...and mounting over the fireplace is ergonomically advantageous in my situation) and I want to mount the TV as close (low) to the mantle as possible. Lets try to get 500 bye the end of the month Here are some excellent design ideas for you. Neither is true. What tv mount would you recommend or can it be mounted? Credit: David A Land. Since the flame effect of an electric fireplace is created without burning any fuel, there are no clearance issues for fireplace surrounds or mantels. Add a heavy weight on top while the glue dries to ensure a good bond. Even better, you could convert to a linear electric fireplace, which doesn’t require a mantel. I have 3 tv's set up using the same cable box. Après deux jours à plus de 20 000 contaminations, le dernier bilan sanitaire fait état de 3 093 nouveaux cas de Covid-19 en un jour. 2. There is about a foot of space between the bottom of the TV and the mantle on the fireplace. For example, a TV over a fireplace that you watch from a couch or chair will be at a different height than one in the bedroom that you watch from bed. You can double-check the angle by taping a paper template the size of your TV in the preferred location. Mounting a TV Over A Gas Fireplace Reasons Challenge. You will watch this TV by turning your head to the extreme left or right and up, my neck hurts! You may also want the option to angle it down, if you decide to sit. Unless the TV is meant to be viewed in the room while standing it’s better to find an alternative solution than live with a sore neck or an expensive TV you can’t enjoy watching. The taller side decor can be symmetrical or asymmetrical, but it doesn’t need to be overdone. One of them is the distance you should sit from your TV screen. That one friend that you can sit there watching tv and still have fun. Third, always follow proper clearances. You can choose a large mirror and hang it on the wall behind the mantle as a focal point, or hang several mirrors, either the same size or varying sizes, on the wall. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. 856.783.5501. Mounting a Flat Screen Above Your Fireplace. 05-30-2013, 09:07 AM davidrod8 : Location: Katy, TX. Can put your tv up there, weighs plenty. A 50" flat panel, plasma or LCD will weigh over a hundred pounds. A simple lantern, vase or greenery will work just fine! HOWEVER, this is just our opinion. If the thermometer shows 90 degrees or more and you will be using the fireplace and TV in unison much of the time, then this heat might affect your TV over time. I love the idea of adding sconces to the side of the TV. Think of the TV as the focal piece (although I know you wish it weren’t), then carefully consider the decor that flanks it. Second, you should recess your TV into the wall, especially if you skip the mantel. See more ideas about hidden tv, tv mantle, wall mounted tv. Aug 6, 2018 - You don't need a mantle to have a spectacular fireplace. Feb 1, 2020 - Explore cl m's board "Tv Mantle", followed by 146 people on Pinterest. Nice. Voorhees NJ 08043. Use the stand but make sure the mantle can hold the weight. Thus, you can go without a mantel, or place the mantel low enough to allow comfortable TV watching. So you're in the market for a new HDTV, but don't know what size screen to buy. My original idea was to use two 3/4" thick boards which both ran the entire length of the mantel. We offer a wide variety of around-the-clock, at-your-door TV installation services, so you can enjoy your mounted TV without the necessary labor. Technical School. Be careful about heat if you are mounting a TV above a working fireplace. The only way to see the TV comfortably would be to push the furniture farther back, which isn't possible in most rooms. I don't know what model LCD you … You tear out the wall and the TV makes a nice explosion. If you are keeping your wood or gas fireplace, then you may want to consider placing the TV off to one side, and not above the mantel. I finished the cut along the top edge of the mantle piece with a jigsaw because the blade is much thinner. The TV is made to be propped on the stand or wall mounted. Participated in the Joby Transform It! And just as you would if you were loading your TV into a box, put the corners on and secure the entire TV with plastic stretch wrap. All over TV, advertisements are showing woodburners in fireplaces with televisions on the wall above. When doing so, however, make sure to follow any advice in your TV owner’s manual regarding clearance between the TV and the wall. Dan - Master Tech. 1 satisfied customers. Finally, re-attach the top mantle trim with staples, nails, glue, etc. If you walk into the room and see the side of the TV, you’ll probably want a bracket that holds the TV tight to the wall so that you can’t see the wires behind it. However, you won’t get the option to push it as bright as the TV goes in viewing mode in order to keep reflections at a minimum. Then generously wrap the TV in moving blankets. View Contest. The trumo (overmantle) looks ridiculous. Kick back and relax when you watch TV. TVA+ vous donne accès à TVA en direct et aussi à des milliers d’heures de divertissement sur demande, avec des nouveautés ajoutées régulièrement. Babette, you can use these tips for styling a large media unit too. Glue and place mantle, use the mallet again if the pegs are a tight fit in the holes you drilled. If you convert your wood or gas fireplace to electric, you can lower the mantel (because there’s nothing burning inside an electric fireplace). Visit us today. Place the thermometer above the mantle of the fireplace and light a fire. Where you plan to sit while watching. Use coupon code "TAKE10" to get 10% OFF! You can tilt the TV downward when it is in use, and when you’re done, return the TV to its flush position. 3. Recessing your TV will further isolate it from the heat coming from your fireplace. Position the TV too high or low, and you’ll force yourself and guests to crane your neck or slump your shoulders to take in the on-screen action. The molding panel above the TV is awkward but what else can you do? Lounge it out! You can manually adjust the brightness in the app though, should you wish, as well as the colour temperature, from warm to cool. Back It Up. If you can hide the TV cords, surely you can hide some lighting cords! Otherwise, invest in a mounting system that lets you tilt the TV to improve viewing angles. It is out of proportion and out of character to the mantle below. Couvre-feu : les nouvelles attestations de déplacement entre 20h et 6h à utiliser à partir du 15 décembre that you do not place the TV on the mantle. You might have heard that mounting a tv over a gas fireplace can damage TV or cause neck strain. We do not recommend this. COVID FRANCE. If you replace your gas- or wood-burning fire with an electric fireplace, you can avoid both of these problems. Rettinger Fireplace Systems, 476 Centennial Blvd. The one big difference with a TV as the focal piece is that you won’t want to layer anything in front of it. Small Business owner. So, when you lower the TV down over the fireplace mantle in order to watch it, you also get to see the beautiful metal mount above the TV? Third, think about what type of bracket would be best. 50 mentions J’aime. If you are mounting your TV in a living room, it's a good idea to sit in your favorite spot and have a friend measure the distance from the floor to your eye level. While your purchase of MantelMount can take you far down the path to the land of optimal TV viewing, there are other factors involved in getting you to your final destination. I'm guessing most of you aren't planning on using barn wood and hinges to hide your TV cables so here's a few alternative plans. Some of our favorite designers let us in on clever ways to hide your TV. A TV is an obvious eyesore in any room—but that doesn’t mean you have to choose between style and movie marathons. The lower mantle is elegant with trim delicate features, the trumo is a box. Your best bet is to mount it as low as possible where it is still aesthetically pleasing relative to your firebox and mantle. Try it out and find great TV … Alternatives to Mounting TV’s over Fireplaces I love to bu … read more. I keep the cable box in my living room, but by using the X-10 Powermid, I can control my bedroom tv by just pointing at a piramid. An experienced installer can help you choose the correct height. You can buy these wherever you buy the rest of your moving supplies, or you can order them online. Sit further back if you can: As you move away from the TV’s location, the severity of the angle at which you must crane your neck is reduced. Hide It completely. We have all of the best TV brands from Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon in a user-friendly search, such as Samsung, Sony, Vizio, Insignia, LG and many more. Sit in your favorite chair and stare at the template for a while; if you experience neck strain, consider placing the TV somewhere else. The satnd is what gives it balance. We are a Hearth Shop Multi-Dealer Authorized with a wide selection of Products on Display in our Voorhees Showroom. The extension allows you to pull your TV away from the wall in order to be able to fully swivel your TV left or right depending upon where you are in the room. This made the door gap unnoticeable. 3. It really depends upon how often you will use them at the same time and whether or not a lot of heat is penetrating the area where the TV will be displayed. Full-Motion TV Mount: Like a tilting mount, a full-motion mount provides tilt. It also includes extension and swivel. If that's too much trouble, you can mount your TV 42 inches from the floor to the center of the TV. It’s largely successful, but if it’s placed near a window, you will find it hard not to get any at all. has TV screen size calculators to help you find the biggest TV sizes for your TV stand or Entertainment Center. if i mount my hd tv over the fireplace, will an ir adapter/receiver. We have never been informed of any TV melting or being damaged

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