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We speak Airhead! 1. Connect a voltmeter (digital type) directly to the battery terminals. Filling a new 'flooded' battery & initializing it properly. The result is a cycle of gas>>>water>>>gas. A major problem will be seen if the actual AH (ampere-hours) of the particular lithium battery is too small; and/or, if the lithium battery gets quite heavily discharged. If you have no access to one, then crank the bike for 10 to 15 measured seconds, without starting the engine. If you make a number of stop & go's, particularly short, say in busy traffic cities or traffic-backed-up freeway jams; maybe have more lighting & heated clothing; if the battery is not being recharged enough, ......the battery may not have enough charge to start your bike again. I advise you to consider the actual height of the battery you will be purchasing ...and your tool tray fitment. That is not correct. Another brand with a decent reputation is MotoBatt. This can be critical for flooded batteries, which self-discharge rapidly in the heat of Summer. If you do use a Load Tester:  load tests on batteries are done at approximately three times the battery capacity in AH. These old-fashioned batteries also tend to give you a warning, by slow cranking usually, that they are getting old and tired, which you will appreciate, as opposed to a sudden failure no-warning battery type. Other things also have varying effects, such as self-discharge, temperature, etc. If you do not change the voltage, and the voltage at the battery terminals, during cruising, is in the stock area, say between 13.7 and 14.0, you will still get 'reasonable' life, just not quite as much life as if the charging voltage was 14.3 or 14.4. 4. AGM/VRLA batteries are usually very tightly packed into their case in order to obtain the extra needed plates. Using chargers rated over 12 amps, things may get iffy, but some chargers even as high as 20 ampere rated are OK for temporary recharging. That can cause shorts or sparks and burned-up diode board type problems when removing and reinstalling the front cover of an Airhead. We will be CLOSED for the Holidays from 12/24 to 01/04. Some types come dry, and you add the acid mixture, but only once, thereafter you may have to watch the liquid level over time. If you have access, you could just recharge the battery occasionally during the long term storage. You may need to fix that wiring, or open up the relay and fix a loose rivet on the jumper, or, whatever. Includes all necessary BMW plugs and gaskets to remove airlines and the airbox on 1981 - 1995 Airheads. True gel vehicle batteries, such as the $$ BMW (Exide) types, do not use the same absorbed glass mat construction of the VRLA Panasonic, AGM, etc. Some old-fashioned simple chargers are designed such that their output current does not taper off enough, as the battery terminal voltage rises from the charging. We have been selling batteries for BMW R100/7 (76 - 84) - 1000 cc online since 2003 and will have the correct battery for your Motorcycle in stock, available for next day delivery. 07/06/2018:  Revise section on battery sources. You can leave it on darn near forever at 0.020 to 0.060 ampere. $176.95. BMW Airhead Experts. Scenario #11: Sometimes you can see through the case, or use a flashlight or other light through the case, to see the liquid level. One of several reasons is that the battery could seem to charge up perfectly OK, ...and you might even check for correct voltage; and, let us assume that is fine ...and yet you have almost no output to run a load like a starter, sometimes even for a headlight, ...all because an inter-cell connection was seriously cracked or corroded away internally, as described earlier herein. The bottom-line is that once or twice monthly use of any smart charger, perhaps overnight or half a day, depending on type of charger and battery, will almost always keep the battery in reasonably good condition. Huge charging currents will cause spot heating in the battery, and such things as plate buckling, steam, etc., are likely....& quite possibly the battery will be destroyed. If you want the easiest thing to do, just connect a Smart Charger constantly, but battery life will suffer some, and on flooded batteries, the fluid level WILL decrease. These batteries were slightly later used for electronics and other back-up systems, often systems that are hardly, if ever, looked at. You do not get a motel room for two. Becouse … BMW airhead r60 r75 r90 k1100 Rubber Battery Mount NOS BM46. This is the same for 'lead equivalent' ratings. The battery rested for 24 hours after charge or discharge; voltages are then measured. Remember:  You have $$$ invested in that lithium battery; and, you want it to remain reliable. I know of no Smart Charger manufacturer that will tell you these things! The batterybox is mounted underneath the gearbox at existing receiving points. It is a good idea to purchase some of the goop in a tube (NCP2 or equivalent or at least Petroleum Jelly, often called Vaseline, in the USA). If the battery is still being charged, and at a low rate (10% of AH or less) for a long period of time, and the voltage has risen to 14 (up to 14.9 on some types)...then the battery is fully charged. Safe too, and will not damage the battery. Starter relay, BMW number 61 31 1 243 207, Bosch 0 332 014 118. Information on how to deal with the extra height, & your tool tray are earlier in this article you are reading. This type of charger, say up to 12 ampere rating (most are around 1 to 3 amperes for motorcycles), can be quite adequately used to maintain a battery over the Winter, when the motorcycle is not being used. Coat the entire positive (+) terminal, and + wires metal ends, after assembly; ...and, if the insulation is poor, force some into the wire/insulation junction. Then, the battery suddenly dies, and can't be recharged. The starter continues to run, as you go down the highway ....and is destroyed ....together with a few other items. The hydrogen gas given off by flooded batteries (or, gross overcharging of other types) can cause an explosion from such as a spark from a battery charger connection. Clean & shiny is necessary during the making/tightening of bike wire connections to the battery (and elsewhere's), as teensy voltage drops can upset the voltage regulator, or create other problems. Battery Relocation Kit fits SWB and LWB subframes and cafe tails. If you do not use a timer, just connect the non-smart charger once a month for an hour. The LC-X1228P is a conventional post (nut and bolt) 28 AH Panasonic battery. 4. Proper way to fill & initialize a 'dry-shipped' flooded lead-acid battery: This type of battery has visible liquid in it after you fill it. A Smart Charger might take overnight for any type, depending on the ampere rating & design of the Smart Charger. Re-adjust the liquid level with distilled water during the charging. During my 4 to 8 hour period, occasionally shake/rock the battery to get bubbles released. The rate for initial charging of a new flooded battery is officially a maximum of 10% of the battery ampere-hour capacity. This is Beemerboy’s new Stainless Steel Battery Box, suitable for all years of R65/R80/R100 Airhead BMW’s. Simple voltage testing a battery to determine charge/condition; or, using a hydrometer on a flooded type battery for the same purpose, are NOT reliable checks on battery condition. It runs well and has had a LOT of work done recently. There is also a somewhat nerdy thing about inter-cell-connectors corrosion and large recharging currents. You could even use an old small light bulb for the resistor. Of course, the battery could be no good, but it will not hurt to try a conventional charger on the battery for awhile. You arrive need a new battery right now, not later. This can take a week with a very low power Smart Charger (assuming it does turn on), and a day or two with small non-smart chargers. Flooded? They are not further discussed here ...besides to tell you that they are absolutely not needed for your bike, car, truck, etc. If you have a flooded battery, do check the water level every two months, no matter what type of charger. I will, however, mention some few sources. With quality modern manufacture, most of these concerns are, or have, faded away, even with the common plastic-cased types. There are, or can be, important problems with large size standard non-smart; that is, old-fashioned chargers. There are other types of tests, all requiring costly equipment. When using a LiFePo4 type battery, be sure that its real ampere-hour (AH) rating is sufficient for you not get one too small in real ampere-hour rating, as while it may start your engine in decent weather, when it is cold the battery output is lower (this is common to all types of batteries, although the effect varies) and if you have heated clothing and other loads, you may run the battery down very quickly, especially if the charging system is not working strongly, at, say, idle or just above idle. Set the timer for a short time period and perhaps for once a week; otherwise, perhaps a few minutes once a day ...or every few days. There are sealed and semi-sealed lead-acid batteries of several types available, besides conventional flooded batteries. Many small non-smart motorcycle type chargers are rated at 0.5 to 2 amperes. I highly recommend that you be very prudent & never use de-sulfation mode on a Can-Bus bike! Some makers/sellers literature rate their batteries in watts ...tricky to properly understand, and not informative. The idea is that the light bulb you select will REDUCE the charger output. You could do it faster by starting off with no more than 1 ampere, never exceed that amount, & keep raising the voltage as the charging current tapers off from the battery obtaining a charge. Still, the best method is the one described by me much earlier ....which is very different, and uses a very low current charging. It’s at the heart of the BMW EfficientDynamics functions and your driving pleasure. One day you were tired and hungry when you got home from a ride, and you forgot to turn off the large screen GPS navigator on the motorcycle. The 3-piece fiberglass tray can be made either black (left) or gray (right). No drilling, grinding or welding necessary, absolute “plug & play” installation.! The additional wear is due to the old battery ...but it starts your bike problems (so far)! Yes, again, a peculiarity of lead-acid batteries of all types. Use an old hardware store 'acid brush' or old toothbrush suitably modified for this coating. For an AGM, the loss is much lower, perhaps 1-3% per month. This situation is also helped by the very slow charging methods in the prior paragraph. 34 Janis Way #E, Scotts Valley, CA  open Tuesday through Saturday. If you are lucky, the battery might have been charged & even kept charged. Donating? DIN sockets and DIN work well & don't have the failure of common American type cigarette sockets/plugs of disconnecting or making poor contact. 13. Never exceed 14.6 volts will permanently damage the battery, even if overcharged briefly. Motorcycles vary and installations will vary, so try what works for your bike. After adding the acid mixture liquid, which is more properly called an electrolyte, you seal the battery. On an Airhead, the + terminal is on the left, as you sit on the bike. Be sure the wires are oriented to avoid shorts & sparks and avoiding strain on them and the terminals. Connect your accurate digital voltmeter to the Harbor Freight units big alligator clamps. 6. Batteries of all types need vents, either a tube comes out, perhaps from the side near the top, or from a hole of some sort in the cell caps, or there is a seal (valve) that opens if pressure inside the battery becomes high enough (typically from overcharging or way too rapid charging). This kit is designed to be used with an Odyssey PC 680 battery… The advertisements above are Google-sponsored. Congratulations! bmw airhead high idle, Each kit comes COMPLETE with all genuine BMW parts (with a few exceptions as noted) to do the job fast and do it RIGHT. Your pay is going to be docked. Thus, if the battery is 10 degrees warmer than 25°C, the optimum voltage is decreased 240 mv. 50% longer would be quite unusual; especially in colder climates (where you actually start and ride the motorcycle). A fair condition battery will show a few tenths less, and a top-notch battery will show CONSIDERABLY higher. The next day, or the one following the next day, you went to start your bike, and there is a dead battery. The AGM is generally just a subset of the VRLA type description. I have used a figure of 10 volts, earlier in this article. If you test the battery with a real Load Tester every 6 months, or 1 year at the latest, and pay attention to the meter's readings, INCLUDING how fast the voltage drops during the testing, you are unlikely to be ever surprised by battery failure. You usually perform a real load check every 6 months, but never beyond one year. The exact point at which you stop the charging is not critical. IF you use a common, non-smart charger, do monitor the battery voltage. 11/26/2005:  Update entire article. True load testing is a far better method of determining battery condition, as a load tester measures current output and voltage, both with a substantial real and known value of load , over a known period of time (typically 15 seconds). A bit nerdy:  Once a battery is charged to ~14.0-14.5, it is close to fully charged,  but not quite fully charged. Many different batteries were introduced starting with the R1200GS and subsequent models (F800, K12/13/16, C-scooters, S1000, etc. EME BMW 2 VALVE BOXER ALTERNATOR ROTOR REMOVAL TOOL. The conventional flooded battery, with or without 'sealed battery chemistry', must be charged regularly, or kept on a maintenance charger. It is also OK to use clear silicone grease for this. This method can sometimes be used with a Smart Charger after a complete and full charge. As a general rule, the largest size of battery charger that might be used at any time, safely, with your Airhead's battery is one rated at 12 amperes. (831) 438-1100. Some people have luck with them but others have not, they seem to require a higher charge voltage than other 12 volt batteries. I highly recommend you do not use such a mode. Generally, the car versions are in stiff cases, the motorcycle types not so much, so they have a somewhat more tendency to swell upon overcharging and high temperatures. You have no rain clothes, no tent, no sleeping bag. This is the type that might be considered for a very long storage period, and/or de-sulfating. Excessive charging, over a long period of time, even if the excess charging is of a rather low level, will slowly cause oxidation of the inter-cell connections, eating them away, reducing battery life. An example of a battery that is a VRLA/AGM, is the Panasonic brand (at one time, long ago, these were re-labeled as WestCo when sold by WestCo). There are differences in the seat pans, rubber bumpers on them, & possibly some small but accumulative tolerances on other things, such as at the battery lower mounting, etc. This type of fast voltage rise is particularly common with such as the Odyssey battery, and it could rise over 14.9, which is not a good thing to have happen. 3. It works perfectly,  your motorcycle has never cranked so well during starting. If this happens, you can start the re-charging process by connecting a common low to moderate amperage (a fraction of one ampere to not over 12 amperes rated) common charger, non-smart type, for a long enough period of time until the battery terminal voltage rises above 10 (approximately). Cold weather tests are also more demanding on the battery. ANTIGRAVITY LITHIUM ION BATTERY. The voltage should be considerably higher, typically between 14.2 and 14.5, but not over 14.9. After the re-labeling was abandoned, the WestCo battery was probably a relabeled "BB" brand. Many early designs failed from 'sudden death' due to internal cell connection cracks, and a few other problems. BMW Motorcycle Airhead steel brake pedal R65 R65LS … A much better compromise is 14.2 to 14.4 volts, which covers all conditions of usage reasonably well, and takes into account lamps life, battery types, etc. To reduce the charger output enough, fashion a light bulb socket with an incandescent light bulb, connected in series with one of the two power input prongs on the charger. Very long term non-smart-charger trickle charging can be done, at 0.04 to 0.06 ampere. ... is being discussed here ... as all other lithium types should not be used at all, due to possibility of fires. I have written about such very long term storage trickle charging earlier in this article, and how to do it safely. It seems the airhead battery needs to be robust enough to do the job. I consider the voltages, above, to be too high, and I tend to watch the voltage SAG closely. Saved by ALEX BROWN. Some of the newer lithium chargers (see the manufacturer of your proposed battery, such as Shorai) have fully-controlled chargers now available ...I had been expecting that to happen. 02/13/2006:  Add information on WestCo's BB brand. Ted Porter's BeemerShop offers exceptional quality replacement, accessory & classic replica parts. As BMW Airhead Boxer& K series Flying Brick Motorcycle Classics & Cafe Racers enthusiasts, we are completely dedicated to your total satisfaction; it is our mission to provide you top quality and unique … Chargers (SMART ....and not). You have already filled the battery, done the rocking and tapping, refilled as required, and the battery has sat for some time, etc. $19.95 Power-Sonic 6-Volt Sealed Battery for Wide Housings. Becouse of it’s place it is almost invisible. Because of this, many do not initialize a battery well, nor maintain it well, particularly in cold weather. Once that voltage is reached they automatically drop the charging voltage to one or even two lower levels, the final level is usually called the float level or maintenance level of charging ...which is just enough to maintain the charged condition; and that might be around 12.7 volts, some use higher. This damages any battery, but can seriously damage or ruin a lithium battery if it is not internally protected against too much discharging; and very few are so protected. At the end of the above period top off the battery cells again, to the same upper fluid level mark, using the same acid mixture.

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