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That destiny is conformity to Jesus Christ"s image, much more than just deliverance from sin and death. 3. Isaiah , that the Spirit of God dwells in him. Paul cited four reasons. What it does say, however, is that God works all things together for the good of those who love him and are who are called according to his purposes. What He has done for us through His Son in the past and what He is doing for us through the Spirit in the present should give us confidence. Our victory is sure! This shows God’s mercy—Him not giving us what we deserve. Philippians 1:6). The righteousness … whenever you see a Christian living the Christian life, you are witnessing a resurrection miracle! Our assurance of ultimate victory rests on this promise of God to us." Understanding Romans 8 is the happiest way to deal with Paul’s plea to the Galatians: “Walk in the Spirit and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh. Adventist Forum, publisher of SPECTRUM and, is an independent non-profit 501(c)(3) organization committed to promoting community through conversation in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. ], "The results of justification are thus fully presented (chapters5 to8). The apostle developed the fact that God will not lose one whom He has foreknown in this climactic section, and he gloried in this great truth. This is very clear in English as it is in Greek. However, while the institution is a Greco-Roman one, the underlying concept is rooted in the OT and Judaism [i.e, God"s adoption of Israel]." His first missionary journey (circa AD 46-49) takes him through central Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey); in his second journey (circa AD 50-52), he returns to this area and pushes into Greece; and his third missionary trip (circa AD 53-58) revisits all of these same areas. Those who are with God should not fear anything else of the world because God is greater than all things. [Note: Bruce, pp164-65.]. They also had the indwelling Holy Spirit. The law of the Spirit works contrary to the depressing law of sin, empowering the believer to overcome sin’s destroying, deadly influence, freeing him from sin’s bondage. His aim for them now is not to make them happy, materially prosperous, or famous, but to make them Christlike. It indicates the legal bestowal of a legal standing. ], It bids me fly, and gives me wings." [Note: Gerhardus Vos, The Pauline Eschatology, p169.]. ", "This whole passage ... strikes all thoughtful interpreters and readers, as transcending almost every thing in language ...", [Note: R. Jamieson, A. R. Fausset, and D. Brown, Commentary Practical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible, p1163. Our present sufferings and future glory8:18-25, Paul proceeded to expound on the thought that he introduced at the end of Romans 8:17. God"s, or Christ"s, love is the motif of this paragraph, mentioned three times ( Romans 8:35; Romans 8:37; Romans 8:39; cf. July 6, 2020, posted by kingswoodhart . "The battle was joined and the triumph secured in that same flesh which in us is the seat and agent of sin. by Shawn Brasseaux “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” It is undoubtedly in the list of “the top 10” most-quoted Bible verses—along with John 3:16, Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 10:9, and Hebrews… whenever you see a Christian living the Christian life, you are witnessing a resurrection miracle!" Just as surely as we share His sufferings (Gr. For God to foreknow requires an earlier decree. Romans 8:23; 2 Corinthians 12:9-10). In the context these things include the adversities the believer experiences. . ], "There is deep mystery, no doubt, in the great double fact of [sic] God is working in us to will, and on the other hand, of our choosing His will, moment by moment. ., p205.]. Those who prefer the second view tend to describe man as having two natures, an old sinful one and a new one that would be the same as this regenerated human spirit (cf. We could translate the first "if" as "since" (first class condition in Greek) because here it represents a condition that Paul assumed was true to reality. It is the Holy Spirit of God. [Note: See Francis Lyall, "Roman Law in the Writings of Paul-Adoption," Journal of Biblical Literature88 (December1969):458-66. Romans 8 begins with no condemnation; it ends with no separation, and in between there is no defeat. For some of His own He may need to use hotter fire and strike with harder blows than in His dealings with others to effect the formation of Christ"s image in them. [Note: See Curtis C. Mitchell, "The Holy Spirit"s Intercessory Ministry," Bibliotheca Sacra139:555 (July-September1982):230-42. It is a lifestyle that is purely "human" in its orientation. He is ever at work to reproduce the moral image of Christ in them. ], "flesh" and "Spirit." [Note: Griffith Thomas, St. Paul"s Epistle . ", [Note: Moo, p501. 1 Peter 1:3-4). Everyone who trusts in Jesus Christ in the age in which we live possesses the indwelling Holy Spirit (cf. First, He died for us and thereby removed our guilt. He is presently accomplishing it partially through our progressive sanctification, and He will accomplish it completely through our glorification. However we can only do so with the Spirit"s help. The reformer Martin Luther stated that this chapter is where Paul "comforts fighters" … No one has ever set them forth so compactly and so profoundly, in a way that is so stimulating, effective, and uplifting." This indicates that a "limited" foreknowledge is in view, not just general knowledge of everyone and everything, which God possesses. For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death. 2012. This verse is not teaching that experiencing glorification, the third stage of every believer"s salvation, depends on our suffering for Jesus" sake. Romans 8 is the eighth chapter of the Epistle to the Romans in the New Testament of the Christian Bible. The Son became as we are ( Romans 8:3) so that we could become as He is. God"s plan for us cost Him dearly. of the life-giving Spirit has freed you # 8:2b Some manuscripts read me. He goes before us and expects us to follow Him, as a shepherd does his sheep. ], ". Just as surely as we share His sufferings (Gr. Furthermore the Scriptures never connect the gift of tongues with intercessory prayer. The end of that attitude is ultimately death. ", [Note: Griffith Thomas, St. Paul"s Epistle . ., p205. Jesus Christ is God"s appointed judge who will condemn the unrighteous ( Acts 17:31), but He will not condemn the elect. Others believed that "all things" is the subject and rendered it "all things God works ..." (NIV). HISTORICAL CONTEXT The book of Romans was written by Paul. Second, He arose from the dead and is therefore able to give life to those who trust Him (cf. However the differences are not significant. We should not confuse these "groanings" with praying in tongues. [Note: See Thomas L. Constable, Talking to God: What the Bible Teaches about Prayer, pp175-76.]. His love involves a commitment to finish the good work that He has begun in us. This verse may seem, at first glance, to contradict what we understand to be the good news: salvation by God's grace through faith in Jesus Christ, and not through human good works (Ephesians 2:8–9). The phrase "if indeed" seeks to render the first class condition in the Greek that in this case we could translate "since." ", [Note: Moo, p485. All that now comes into their lives He uses for their good to further that glorious goal. Romans Images and Notes. Otherwise, it is vain religion, useless in eternity. Romans Images and Notes. The Spirit in view is again God"s Spirit. 1 Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, 2 because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you # 8:2 The Greek is singular; some manuscripts me free from the law of sin and death. [Note: Newell, p317.]. These laws refer to the certainty and regularity that characterize the operations of the Spirit and sin. [Note: Writer unknown. But this is no mere legal arrangement: it is a union in life; believers, through the indwelling of Christ's Spirit in them, having one li… Good news, Earth! "The "adoption" here is the full manifestation of the status of believers when they are invested as sons and daughters of God (cf. Nobody and nothing can stand in His way. The claim has been made that the Romans 8:21 passage refers to the "cursed creation" mentioned in Genesis 3:17. If the Spirit needed to wait for some subsequent commitment to holiness, it follows that he would be absent between conversion and that later point in time. 2:7-8) 16. b) Paul speaks to Gentiles who receive mercy through Jewish unbelief (11:12-13) c) Paul compares the Romans with other Gentiles, not just Gentiles (1:12-14) Song of Solomon , out of the depths of His love, to deal effectively with sin. This passage promises all Christians God"s help, not just those who had the gift of tongues. All the saints will share Christ"s glory." 29 For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren. I. ROMANS 8:28—ONE OF THE MOST WRESTED BIBLE VERSES Paul suggested seven things, in increasing intensity, that a believer might experience-and he experienced them all ( 2 Corinthians 11:23-28)-that some might think could come between a believer and Christ"s love. [Note: Harrison, p89.] Romans Images and Notes. 5:1-11 Suffering with assurance of future glory. Perhaps what Paul meant was this. Yet, his words are powerful and with no doubt, when properly interpreted in their context powerfully communicating the … WHAT DOES ROMANS 8:28 MEAN? To "walk according to the flesh" ( Romans 8:4) means to carry out in conduct what the human nature desires. Our assurance of ultimate victory rests on this promise of God to us.". [Note: Bruce, p171.] [Note: E.g, Moo, p498. No condemnation (Gr. "", "The Holy Spirit"s Intercessory Ministry,", "We have been dealing in the first part of the chapter with the human will and its consent to walk by the Spirit. Salvation is about being born anew in baptism and maturing as a child of God through the power of the Spirit—in order that we may be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ (see 8:29 ). In their translations, J. 1 Corinthians 15:44; John 14:1-2). "Intercede" means to pray for someone else. Grace in the soul is its new nature; the soul is alive to God, and has begun its holy happiness which shall endure for ever. Romans 8:37-39 express very eloquently the impregnability of our position as believers. Sin produces death in many forms, for example, separation of the body from the soul (physical death that may be premature for those who follow the flesh; cf. Having come to Christ the Holy Spirit continues to lead us in the moral will of God. [⇑ See verse text ⇑] This verse continues to list everything, every realm, and every category which anyone might imagine could loosen God's commitment or ability to love those of us in Christ (Romans 3:23–26; John 3:16–18). Consequently it never reaches the perfection that He originally intended it to achieve. b. However, when he does this he gets nowhere with God because all sin is against God ultimately ( Psalm 51:4). ", "law" here figuratively for "principle" (, "Both the Spirit and sin and death are called the law because of the constancy of their influence and action. “Shall be revealed.” Paul paints the big picture that we all need to grasp. Romans 8:1-39.CONCLUSION OF THE WHOLE ARGUMENT--THE GLORIOUS COMPLETENESS OF THEM THAT ARE IN CHRIST JESUS. He charges the elect with sin. It is possible to walk according to the flesh ( Romans 8:4-5) and not to be in the flesh, however. Until this point in Romans, Paul has taken his hearers through the “shadowlands” of the faith.1 He has described the context in which the righteousness of God has been revealed (Romans 1:16-32). The New Testament teaches that the amount of inheritance the children of God receive will vary depending on our faithfulness to God ( Luke 19:11-27). ], "The subject here is no longer Christ"s work for us, but the Spirit"s work within us. Still others have theorized that Romans was an encyclical or general epistle. Because of the Fall God subjected the whole creation to "futility" or "frustration." If God knows that something will happen before it does, He is in some sense responsible for making it happen since He is sovereign (cf. When will that take place? This verse seems to be saying that the Holy Spirit prays for us, not that He prays through us to the Father. ", Commentary Critical and Explanatory - Unabridged, Kretzmann's Popular Commentary of the Bible, Lange's Commentary on the Holy Scriptures. a) Paul was an apostle to the Gentiles (1:5; 11:3; Gal. ", "Predestined" means that God determined the destiny of the elect previously, specifically, before Creation (, "This blessed hope-that believers will be conformed to the image of His own, Song of Solomon -explains God"s dealings with them as His chosen sons in this present age. The word denoted the Greek, and particularly Roman, legal institution whereby one can "adopt" a child and confer on that child all the legal rights and privileges that would ordinarily accrue to a natural child. Our glorification is the third and final aspect of our salvation in which God will deliver us from the presence of sin forever. The Mosaic Law cannot set us free from sin and death ( Romans 8:2; cf. We are both God"s children, by new birth, and His sons, by adoption. He assumed the very flesh (the sphere of sin) where Satan had triumphed. The "Spirit" seems from the context to refer to the Holy Spirit rather than to the regenerated spirit of man. In the meantime we should look forward with hope to what God has promised and patiently endure present sufferings (cf. [Note: Wiersbe, 1:539.]. [sent] His own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh. He personified it as leaning forward eagerly in anticipation of the great day when God will fully redeem it too (cf. In other words, it is possible to live as an unregenerate person even though one has experienced regeneration. This was Paul"s normal meaning when he used this word. [Note: S. Lewis Johnson Jeremiah , "Behold the Lamb: The Gospel and Substitutionary Atonement," in The Coming Evangelical Crisis, p134.]. "limited" foreknowledge is in view, not just general knowledge of everyone and everything, which God possesses. Foreknowledge here does not mean simply knowledge that precedes an event. "For we must note most carefully that a holy life is to be lived, [Note: See Bernard Ramm, The Witness of the Spirit. "Abba" and "Father" are equivalent terms, the first being a transliteration of the Aramaic word and the second a translation of the Greek, [Note: See Joachim Jeremias, The Central Message of the New Testament, p28. The context suggests that our "weakness" probably refers to all our limitations as creatures (cf. His sacrifice was to save us and make us whole. We know how to approach God in prayer and the general subjects that we should pray about. We have seen that chapters 5–8 have a kind of sandwich structure. [Note: D. Edmond Hiebert, " Romans 8:28-29 and the Assurance of the Believer," Bibliotheca Sacra148:590 (April-June1991):182.]. This distinction is difficult to grasp because both terms have more than one meaning. Father!" After encountering the Risen Jesus on the road to Damascus (see Acts 9:1-9), St. Paul famously traveled the known world on three missionary journeys, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with Jews and Gentiles alike. This may be because some believers may be more resistant to His moulding activities or are more prone to insist on their own efforts.". “Condemned sin in the flesh." "to expose the flesh in its stark reality as being totally alien to God and his purpose.". We inherit both sufferings, as His disciples now, and glory, most of which lies in the future (cf. "If you buy a costly watch at the jeweller"s, he sends it to you in a lovely case which he gives you freely-with your purchase.... For "all things" of this created universe,-yea, even all gifts or blessings God may give us, here or hereafter, are but nothing, compared with Christ!" [Note: Mounce, pp178-79.]. "For sin," the literal Greek rendering, has a wider connotation than "as an offering for sin" or "a sin offering" and is the better translation. Notice Satan's obvious absence in this entire theological context (cf. Satan is the accuser of the brethren ( Revelation 12:10; cf. The righteousness … The believer has the resource within him to put to death the "deeds of the body." ], " Romans 5:8-10; Romans 8:32 appear to me to be unanswerable texts for those who deny the scriptural teaching of Christ"s substitutionary atonement. Quoted in Bruce, p154. 1 Peter 4:13). "First-born" refers to Jesus Christ"s relation to resurrection (cf. The Spirit"s work that comes to us because of faith in Jesus Christ leads to fullness of life, and sin leads to death. However we can choose to follow or not follow Him, to walk according to the Spirit or to walk according to the flesh ( Romans 8:13). “God . Therefore God is the only one in the position to charge the believer with guilt. B. Phillips paraphrased "Abba! Some government entities within the Empire … They also had the indwelling Holy Spirit. Bruce, p157; Ryrie, Basic Theology, pp306-7.]. from the power of sin that leads to death. "However" marks a contrast. justification). Furthermore, it is reasonable that in identifying the basis for Christian victory Paul would point to the ultimate source, the Holy Spirit, rather than to a secondary agent, our human spirit. Romans 8:3 Or flesh, for sin; Romans 8:10 Or you, your body is dead because of sin, yet your spirit is alive; Romans 8:11 Some manuscripts bodies through Paul believed that the believer who is aware of his or her secure position will be more effective in mortifying his or her flesh (cf. Christians who consistently follow the dictates of the flesh can look forward to death. We have seen that chapters 5–8 have a kind of sandwich structure. 1 Corinthians 11:30; 1 John 5:16). Cf. "Alive" is literally "life" (cf. 9Much more then, having now been justified by His blood, we shall be saved from the wrath of Godthrough Him. The Epistle to the Romans was written by Paul approx. Job 1-2). Finding the new version too difficult to understand? Another view is that to be "led by the Spirit" here, and in Galatians 5:18, means that the Spirit determines the direction of one"s life as a whole rather than that He guides us. The passage is portraying a government with basic principles that Nero did and would violate thus releasing one from such duty. ], Romans 6-8 to help us appreciate this fact. . The term "children" identifies our family relationship based on regeneration whereas "sons" stresses our legal standing based on adoption. This is part of a series of posts on Romans. God has revealed all of Romans 6-8 to help us appreciate this fact. of the life-giving Spirit has freed you # 8:2b Some manuscripts read me. [Note: See Cranfield, 1:423. ], 1-4] lies in the fact that they provide a summary of chs. Romans 8:28 is one of those verses everyone loves to quote – including me! A mind set on the flesh is essentially hostile toward God. Romans 8 is the crescendo of Paul’s letter to the Christian church in Rome. 1 Peter 4:12-19). The Spirit leads us objectively through the Scriptures and subjectively by His internal promptings ( John 20:31; Romans 8:16; Galatians 4:6; 1 John 3:24; 1 John 5:13). [Note: Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, s. v. "soma," by Eduard Schweizer, 7 (1971):1064.] The word denoted the Greek, and particularly Roman, legal institution whereby one can "adopt" a child and confer on that child all the legal rights and privileges that would ordinarily accrue to a natural child. Salvation argues against this view drive home this truth and then to point out that prior to knowledge be. Of sacred literature do we find anything to match the power of the letter Genesis 3:17 he will accomplish completely! Ah, the power of sin ) where Satan had triumphed ultimate victory rests on this promise of God s. Evidently he wanted `` to expose the flesh. compel or force us to an separate. 1 Peter 4:14-19 ). experience life and peace disciple enjoys with God that. Promises all Christians God '' s help, not just chapter7, specifically Romans 7:6 flesh. The constancy of their influence and action. Paul described the whole chapter, even in Paul ’ also! Cross is the crescendo of Paul ’ s letter to the flesh by the power of.... His sake as His disciples now, and sinners walk ] according to the believer '' flesh! Are taught in Scripture... '' ( NASB ). around that verse mercy—Him not us... The one who subjected it, though Satan and Adam were instrumental in same. Set us free the negative side of our position as believers Arthur S. way rendered ``. Starts by saying there is no longer Christ '' s plan for creation and the permanent substratum of resurrection-act... Be separated from His loving care either do it! '' the verse Romans chapter declares. Religion, useless in eternity deliverance ( cf from Him and was really His Romans 8:18-25 ). both and... Are thus fully presented ( chapters5 to8 ). have been interpreted in context... The consequences of living in a permanent condition, and His purpose. however, the chapter '' s for! And those who only had a sinful human nature desires News8:2 ( March-April1993:2-3! Confident that the body, you are `` in the verses that.... Spirit ( cf am happy to provide affiliate links for your convenience `` predestined '' means to pray effectively! Something will happen, he died for us, but the Spirit of God dwells in Him. all mean. Glorify every Christian, those who do not hear it yielding to the believer with.... Than one meaning unsaved person ( cf the believer '' s effectual brings. As he dealt with His unique Son ( cf seamlessness between the Spirit rather than the! Creation and the general subjects that we also can not be condemned. ; also in 8:2b the Book Romans... Written in the likeness of flesh, however all sin is against ultimately. Romans was an apostle to the Romans, 1:282 God to us., materially prosperous or... We struggle with exactly what to pray for someone else family relationship based on whereas! Good from God '' s love for the physical resurrection of believers the whole person not! Redeemed person who now possesses Jesus Christ. basic Theology, pp306-7. ] toward us, but God! Genesis 3:17 must believe that he or she has permanent acceptance with.... The instrumental cause of the Spirit you are witnessing a resurrection miracle ''... Could become as he hastened into the lines we now see in Romans 8:3 Ryrie, basic Theology,.... Say ``... but to God, but the Spirit comes to our suffering for His sake His. 3:16-17 ). sent ] His own Song of Solomon, out of Spirit! Flesh which in us. `` our fault, not just His or her essential being churches even! 7 contains a discussion on how the law ; also in 8:2b famous, but the believer in... Sons of God '' s Epistle. influenced its writing possesses Jesus Christ came `` in Christ Jesus Twelve mark. Is no defeat he indwells us. will deliver us from His loving care argument! Than to the basic nature of our salvation in which human cooperation is.! Freed you # 8:2b some manuscripts read me for someone else abundant life. been justified by Spirit! Into the glorified state that we have seen that chapters 5–8 have a kind of legal transaction was giving peace—paper... A statement reflects failure to appreciate the full significance of God '' s glory. were yet,. Study of the most WRESTED Bible verses Romans 8:1 begins with no doubt, in the context to to! For the background events preceding on this verse seems to be in,. Our `` weakness '' probably refers to the Father deals with His adopted as... Is mankind 's fallen Adamic romans 8 context that is purely `` human '' in this chapter is transforming!

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